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 Lovefinder Society History (Info)

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PostSubject: Lovefinder Society History (Info)   Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:43 am

The Lovefinder Society was inspired from the fictional book series entitled Lovefinder written by the Filipino romance novelist, Victoria Amor. This fictitious forum, where we will be staying soon, is for all the readers who wished to make Lovefinder Society real.

Lovefinder Series
—> was first published in 2010 by Precious Pages Corporation. The first six books are: Morning Smile, Sunset tears, Twilight Song, Midnight Dream, Dawn Kiss, and Eternal Promise.
—> it is about Lovefinder’s quest to find love—for his friends.

Lovefinder—> a fictional character from Lovefinder Series, a mysterious internet personality known for:
1. His name: Lovefinder
2. His mission: Find love.

The Fictitious Place and sites from the books

Tierra De Amor (Esperanza Island) —> Lovefinder’s private island where the characters meet…and eventually fall in love…

Cupid’s Place —> A love chat room where most of Lovefinder Society’s members came from.

Lovefinder Society —> internet forum for the heart created and designed by Lovefinder.

The fictitious forum in the book has inspired us to create this site.

Lovefinder Pages —> A blogsite owned by Aphrodite, Lovefinder’s Mistress.

The publisher, author, and all the people behind Lovefinder Series have nothing to do with any of the forum’s activity, and therefore not liable for trouble/threat or any unwanted outcome brought by member’s actions/activities inside the forum.
This site is NOT a dating site. Our aim is to promote friendship among members.

Most of our members are mysterious, and anonymous.
Members should keep this in mind: You are the SOLE responsible for your actions. Be vigilant.
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Lovefinder Society History (Info)
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